Alternative Payments

Add alternative payment methods for more conversions.

MultiPay Connect is our solution which enables merchants to accept alternative payment methods (APMs) such as instant payments, Pay By Bank, AliPay, WeChat Pay, and crypto through a single API integration.

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MultiPay Connect

Receive funds instantly and save money per transaction.

MultiPay Connect can be purchased as a bolt on service to your existing infrastructure, meaning you do not need to change your current payment solution to start accepting alternative payment methods.

Our APM API completely removes the following entities:

  • The Terminal Provider
  • Card Scheme
  • The Acquirer
  • The PCI and EMV Regulations 
Accept alternative payment types

Merchant Benefits

  • No card scheme fees
  • No acquiring fees
  • No PCI and EMV
  • Real time payments
  • Instant digital
    transaction receipts
  • Cashback incentives
    for your customer
  • Omni-channel experience
  • Competitive advantage
  •  In-depth transactional    analytics


How does our APM API Work?

To start accepting alternative payment methods, simply integrate our APM API (MultiPay Connect) into your existing payment infrastructure.

Live Data

Instant digital transaction receipts.

Alternative payments receipts
MutiPay Plus app

Customer Loyalty

Happy Customers. Happy Business.

MultiPay Connect uses payment data to recognise a shopper, enabling you to offer tailored benefits and promote loyalty schemes to customers.

Promotions & Vouchers​

  • Notifications
  • Redemption
  • Collection

Additional Benefits

  • Instant transaction receipts
  • Voluntary charitable contribution
  • Integrated loyalty points
Alternative payments in-store

Transactional Insight

Monitor APM insights directly on your POS.

MultiPay Connect’s unique data ecosystem provides merchants with transactional insights around alternative payment methods. Download reports directly from your fleet of terminals and make smarter decisions about your customer’s payment methods and trends.

Pay by Bank Transfer

4 Simple steps to accept a Pay by Bank transfer with our app.

Customer Downloads App

Customer downloads MultiPay Plus onto their device.

Our customer facing app (MultiPay Plus) will be available for IOS and Android.

Alternative payments
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