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Our retail solution offers our merchants a payments infrastructure with everything a multi-site international retailer needs. Providing access to bespoke integration options for EPOS, allows for one integration for any store in any country, that is multi-language and multi-currency. We are flexible in our approach to processing your payments too. We have the ability to work with multiple acquirers for each solution, all reporting into a bespoke acquirer integrated reconciliation system. Our range of point-of-sale terminals and in-store payment options means that we can offer solutions to meet the needs of any retail set-up; whether traditional EPOS and PED integrated payment stations, self-checkout, pop-up, or queue busting mobile solutions, we have multiple options to meet your needs.

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Partnering with The Travel Corporation, we have the knowledge and experience to help travel businesses scale internationally into new markets and sales channels. The need to accept payments in multiple currencies and countries means the payments infrastructure process can be extremely complex, especially in the travel sector. Travel businesses need a seamless payment system that closes the gap, despite their location and local currency. Our P2Pe certified solution provides a single point for all transactions, simplifying the entire payment process including reconciliation. Our global platform removes the complexities from settlement processes whether operating in single or multiple countries, currencies, and payment methods.


The flexibility of our multi-option payment solutions is perfect for any hospitality chain. Multi-currency and language payment options means that you can meet the needs of any customer who comes through your door. The range of payment options that we offer can cater to all aspects of your hospitality needs. Mobile solutions for take-out and delivery, portable options for at-thetable payments, vending and traditional PED and EPOS till system options are available.


With a large range of currency and language options, our solutions are perfectly set up for use by transportation companies. Offering multiple payment options in one place, reporting into one bespoke reconciliation system, our service makes it seamless and simple to run all the payment needs for large transportation companies. Our extensive range of terminal options gives you the flexibility of taking payments from your customers in any way that suits you and them.

Offer your customers a personalised payment experience with MultiPay.

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